how safe are electronic cigarettes LOS ANGELES   Not only do they get to be part of the big show, but award presenters and performers at the Grammys also get $50,000 in swag.


Gifts include Tiffany cat collars, Gibson guitars, trips to deserted islands, cashmere sweaters, teeth whitening products, jewelry, sunglasses and designer leather bags.


In the famous Grammy Gift Lounge   a tent next to the Staples Centre, where the 52nd annual Grammy Awards take place Sunday night, presenters and nominated artists can take whatever they want, in addition to their gift basket items.


"Celebrities don't get paid to come on the Grammys to present, or perform their act, so the show likes to create a nice thank you," said Distinctive Assets' Cybele Parsignault, whose company has handed out gift baskets for celebs at both the Grammys and Oscars for 11 years. The generosity of swag donating companies seems immune to the economic woes still afflicting America.


Other items in the baskets include hair products, gym memberships, meditation discs, watches, cameras, the latest headphones, a futuristic tricycle without handlebars, dog products and even electronic cigarettes.


Lionel Richie, T Pain, Jamie Foxx, the Foo Fighters and Linkin Park have already passed through the gift tent. Each star is accompanied by a publicist, from kiosk to kiosk, with a huge blue bag that they fill up in the blink of an eye.